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McHubby enjoys keeping busy. I enjoy him being happy. Sometimes his projects allow me to charge up my creative juices and experience some joy of my own. Hopefully, we are working on one of those projects now.

This fall, McHubby has been working to develop an events business for his old employer. Rust Manor House is a beautiful old house that has hosted weddings in the past, but has been primarily an office and education location for the Audubon Naturalist Society. McHubby’s old employer is negotiating with Audubon to reinvigorate the events business.

Lucky me, McHubby asked me to guide him in sprucing up the interiors. I’ll get to try on interior decorating for a client as a potential career direction. I’m looking forward to the work and have lots of plans. Until the legal work is finalized, we are on hold. Although I did decorate for the November Board Meeting with buffet dinner.

Here are a few pictures from the foyer/buffet space:

A nature inspired winter decoration.

A nature inspired winter decoration.

Lighted branches with greenery and white floral accessories.

Lighted branches with greenery and white floral accessories.

A few greenery picks from Michael's up the stair railing.

A few greenery picks from Michael’s up the stair railing.

The bird house centerpiece was created with pine branches and a cherry tree limb that were toppled during Superstorm Sandy. I bought an unfinished birdhouse at Michael’s painting it and adorning it with faux snow, glitter and pine cone pieces. The berry vine and the bird with the nest were from Michael’s. I made the sign hanging from the branch using scrap wood, white paint and black vinyl cut with my Silhouette Cameo.

I hope you like the few touches I added for the festivities. I’ll show more decor when we are able to get up and running.

How are your holidays going so far?





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Joining the Linky Party over at My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia,  Power of Paint Party at Domestically Speaking and Inspiration Friday At the Picket Fence with my Rustic Cruiser Bike Art.

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Rustic Cruiser Bike Art Tutorial:

Wooden Bike Picture

Rustic Cruiser Bike Art

1. Cut wood board to length desired. We used leftover fence boards. Cut two pieces of woods to the height desired when all lengthwise piece are laid side by side. While lengthwise pieces are laid together with the backside up, nail the vertical pieces to each board. Nail twice on each board.

2. Choose an image to make into a stencil.

Cruiser bike

via google

3. Using the Silhouette Cameo software, outline image. Click here for a you tube video on how to transfer an image to you Silhouette Cameo software and outline the image.

4. Once you have the image outlined, re-size the image to your dimensions. I made mine about two-thirds of the totally artwork dimension. I used the 24 inch cutting mat. In order to make the stencil the correct size, I cut the top half of the stencil first and then the bottom half.  I fit the top and bottom together on the boards once both were cut.

5. Cut out on vinyl. Put on board.

Stencil on wood

Bike stencils on wood

6. Stencil with paint. I used acrylic.

Bike Stencil with paint

Painting bike stencil

7. Remove stencil and fill in the gaps with paint. For instance, the software did not pick up the bike spokes. I used a pencil to lightly sketch in the spokes and then painted with aluminum colored acrylic.

Finished cruiser bike image

Bike image with stenciled breaks filled in

8. I made the frame using plans from Ana White’s site. Click here for instructions.

Frame made from Ana White plans

Finished frame waiting to be painted gray

9. Paint/stain and attach with nails to artwork. Hang

Bike art hung over mantel

Finished artwork hung over mantel

Hope this was helpful.  Thanks for visiting.

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Several weeks ago I previewed a piece of art that I created.

Rustic Art Peak

Sneak Peak of Rustic Art piece

Since many of my other projects are in various states of progress, I decided to unveil this piece. I’m actually quite happy with the way it turned out. I used old fence boards, paint and a stencil which was made with my Silhouette Cameo.


I took this image and turned it into this:

Wooden fence boards to bike picture

Rustic bike art

Ta da! Tomorrow, I’ll take you through a complete tutorial.


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Wow! People can be so creative.  After making my rock garden markers, I searched the internet to see what other garden markers people have created.  Here is an overview of some of my favorites.

Other rock designs:



Ceramic garden markers:




Wooden garden markers:








Mixed media:


Looks like the sky is the limit.

Have a great rest of the weekend!


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