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As the old Girl Scout song goes, friends are treasure with some new and some old. Recently, I got to spend an evening with one of my gold friends. Liz and I became friends back in high school. She was one of my bridesmaids and has always made an effort to maintain our friendship over the past 30 plus years. She is definitely a golden treasure.

We met in Leesburg, had a bite at Donner Bistro and finished with a beer at MacDowell Brew Kitchen. While facebook and e-mail are a great way to stay in touch, talking face to face is no comparison. Catching up was fun and relaxing.

Amy and Liz today

McHubby, Liz and I almost 30 years ago


Thanks Liz for being a good (gold) friend. To my dear readers, may I suggest connecting with some of your old friends this week? Let me know how it went.



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