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Hello all-

I promised to update you about the direction I am going to try to take the blog over the next few weeks. I’ve recently been exposed to some information about personality profiling that has surprised me. Totally! As part of this new knowledge, I realize that I need to incorporate fun into my activities on a regular basis. Within the next week, I will start having a specific subject type each day, for instance, Mondays might be fashion. I have decided on the themes but not which day to schedule them. I’ve put them into graphic.


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I’ll be sharing this interesting personality journey soon.





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Enjoy shopping!


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I don’t know if you’ve experienced this phenomenon, but sometimes I can be my own worst enemy. I can let my fears get the best of me. Making my fairy garden has been one of those times when I kept procrastinating. I started my fairy garden over a month ago primarily because I needed to get a creeping Jenny plant re-potted. Then, I piled some stones around and stopped. The fear had beaten any creativity I had into submission. Today, I was determined to conquer any resistance and finish some projects. Let’s see how I did.


Note: I have four sunflowers growing in the garden now. They came up on their own from last year’s planting. I hadn’t realized when I mixed the old soil with the new that any seeds were present. What a nice surprise though.


Fairy wheelbarrow, garden tools, home and bird bath

Second view of fairy village

Second fairy home

Back boundary of fairy garden

Back boundary of the fairy garden village

Fairy garden in its place on the deck

Overall, I enjoyed working on my fairy garden once I got started. I’m glad I explored fairy gardens. I’m even considering putting a fairy door on the container. We’ll see.

Update: I thought some daylight pictures would be helpful.

What fears have you pushed through this week?


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Fairy in Moonlight from Graphics Fairy

A reader recently sent me a picture of her garden, specifically, the fairy statues in her garden. (I thought I might make it sound like she had gotten pictures of actual fairies in her garden, but decided not to.) An acquaintance had recommended to my reader that she should have fairies in her garden. So she rounded up some fairies and put them in her garden.

For some time, I’ve thought about making my own fairy garden. They seem to show up on Pinterest every so often. Although I do have to admit that I have been a bit slow at getting anything done about it. Having a clear mental picture of a fairy garden caused me to feel uncertain about how to put mine together. So, I’ve been researching fairy gardens and am going to share the information with you. I’ll look into what fairies are, why someone would want to have a fairy garden,  what types of fairy gardens there are, what plants work in them and what accessories to use. Hopefully by the end, I’ll have a beautiful completed fairy garden to share with you.

We’ll be looking at fairy gardens in “the Woods near Skyline Drive” way. Over the next several days, we’ll explore, discover, develop and play.

What do fairies mean to you? Fantasy, reality, cute idea…


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What does a very creative introvert who loves to communicate do when she is between careers? Well, for me the answer has been blogging. It really forces me to focus on who I am, what I can do and what I want to say. This is very different from my previous career where I spent my time focusing on how to help students learn.

Now, I am a student. Several of the homework exercises for a class I’m taking have helped me to take a few steps forward toward knowing where I am heading in my life. Blogging Your Way 2.0 run by Holly Becker from decor8blog.com developed this interactive online class to encourage and instruct bloggers. Some bloggers are new to the medium while others have been blogging for several years. I’m sure most everyone learned something from the class.

From an assignment on analyzing bloggers of whom you are jealous, I learned that jealousy can be a very useful tool to help you grow. After looking into the reasons that I was jealous and figuring out what I could learn from the writer, I was able to define myself and what I like in a blog. I hadn’t known that such a maligned emotion could be so helpful.

I highly recommend this class for anyone wishing to improve their blogging talents.

I hope that your weekend has been wonderful and that Mother Nature has been kind to you.


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As promised, here are some pictures of my container gardens:

Three pots grouped together

Three pots of asparagus ferns hang from a wrought iron plant holder.

Decorative container with impatiens

A decorative metal basket holds small impatiens.

Fern, coleus, vinca, coleus, petunia, creeping Jenny

The right side container flanks front door.

Fern, coleus, vinca, petunia, creeping Jenny

The left side container. Both sides hold a fern, coleus, vinca, creeping Jenny and petunias

mandevilla, sweet potato vine, black eyed Susan

Sweet potato vine creeps from the pot with a mandevilla starting to climb the deck trellis. Black eyed Susan is also in pot.

pedestal pot

Mandevilla and sweet potato vine fill this pot along with a few “volunteers” growing from years past.

container garden

Gerbera daisy and creeping Jenny are planted in the top container. The bottom one holds dahlias growing from seed.

Vinca vine, snapdragons, yarrow, daylily

This unintentional container garden resulted from needing to move plants out of front landscaping beds in  a hurry  several years ago.


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