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Have you ever bought something thinking it would work perfectly, but the reality just didn’t live up to the promise. Okay…I’m not talking politics. I want to talk  in particular bathroom organization. When we built our house, I thought our bathroom was huge. It is a nice size, don’t get me wrong, but the builder grade cabinetry is challenging to create usable storage for makeup, jewelry and hair necessities. I’d seen some bathroom organizers on blogs, but couldn’t find anything in the stores that would work in my bathroom.

Then, I had a brainstorm. I could make something out of plates and candlesticks from the Dollar Store. Even better, I spied a glass lazy Susan in my pantry that I hadn’t used in a while. After a trip to the Dollar Store and my china cabinet, I had all my pieces.

Glass plate which I previously bought for $1 at Walmart

Lazy Susan found in pantry 

Votive holder from Dollar Store

Bud vase from china cabinet

Candlesticks from the Dollar Store

5 Minute Epoxy from Home Depot

  1. After gathering all supplies, clean with glass cleaner.
  2. Stack pieces with the largest on the bottom and the smallest at the top. Arrange candlesticks in pleasing manner.
  3. Once you like the composition, mix the 5 Minute Epoxy.
  4. Apply epoxy to the bottom of the candlestick.
  5. Place on Lazy Susan in the center.
  6. Apply epoxy to the top of candlestick.
  7. Place  plate centered on top of candlestick.
  8. Repeat with next candlestick on plate and votive holder.
  9. Apply epoxy to bottom of bud vase and place on middle of votive holder.
  10. Allow to epoxy to set.

Finished glass organizer pedestal

I’m still in the process of finding some small glass bowls to corral makeup brushes and other small assorted items. I’ll post a picture of the pedestal in action once I’ve got it organized.

What solutions have you developed for your bathrooms?


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As I had mentioned in a previous post, I am a new empty nester. Among getting used to a much quieter house, my menu planning has needed to shift. McHubby and I don’t eat as much food as four people did. In order to adapt, I decided that I needed to use the same ingredient divided in half for two different recipes. For example, I made meatloaf, divided the mixture in half and made meatballs with the second half.

Here is my detailed plan:

Menu Plan for Week of September 16

I started by looking at the food I already had. In the freezer, I had a large bag of pulled pork from last week. I came up with three meals that could be use the pork. Then I picked other foods that McHubby and I enjoy with special attention to reusing leftover ingredients. Then I filled in to try to make a balanced meal.

Feel free to use the template below:

Menu Planning Template

My camera battery is in the charger. I’ll post some pictures tomorrow when it is fully powered.

*Update to original post- photos

Pork Crescent Sandwiches filled with pork, potatoes, mixed vegetables and cheddar cheese.

Salad with pears, walnuts, craisins. Top with light poppyseed dressing.

How do you plan a week’s worth of meals? What are your meal tips?

Have a great day!


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