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Tuesday was a productive day. One of the shops in town is expanding their space and had an estate sale to clear out excess merchandise. I scored some great stuff there.

A way cool rusty, curvy wrench.

rusty tool as art

Curvy old wrench. An art possibility.

Oblong silver tray lids.

Mantel sconces from silver tray lids

Silver lids: make mantel sconces?

Old vinyl covered chair. Dusty and torn.

Old chair with possiblities

This old chair while dusty and torn is solid.

Then, I ran over to the original shop, It’s Bazaar on 21st Street. I found a rusty, holey oval pail and two copper with green patina pails.

old junk pail

Really rusty pail with handle

copper round pots with two handles

Two handles pots/pails with copper patina

Close up of pot/pail exterior.

copper green patina

Close up of copper exterior of pot/pail

Lastly, I ran to the Hospice thrift shop and found a very colorful table runner. I’m not sure if I want to cut it up into pillows or use it as a table runner.

Striped table runner

A colorful striped table runner


Chair- $5

Rusty pail- $8

Copper pots/pails- $3.50 each

Silver lids- $2 each

Wrench- $4

Table runner- $4

To top it all off…a beautiful day outside for taking pictures. What a great week!

How is your week going?



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