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One of the trends this fall is an all white outfit finally putting to rest the old rule that white is taboo after Labor Day.

Here is an outfit that I put together from White House Black Market.

white sweater jacket from White House Black Market

Quilted Sweater Jacket $108

white scoop neck tee white house black market

White Scoop Neck Tee $30

white cords white house black market

White Cords $78

White Desert Boot



Pair the Quilted Sweater Jacket with this dress:

white ponte dress white house black market

Ponte Sheath Dress $150

White Boots $55



Equestrian Link Necklace Michael Kors $125

Winter White works really well with the Type 4 guidelines from Dressing Your Truth. Although every type has its color white.

So, do you think you could wear an all white outfit this fall?

By the way, today is the last day for the Dressing Your Truth Spread the Love deal: $99 and $20 gift certificate. Here is the coupon link: Spread the Love



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Can a girl ever have too many shoes? Probably, however, I don’t see anything wrong with having  a lot of shoes. Plus, I’m not talking about Manolo Blahniks. I usually buy my shoes at Ross, Kohls, Target and Marshall’s preferably clearance priced. Well, not all my shoes fit into the guidelines for a Type 4- Bold, Striking Woman in the Dressing Your Truth system. Those guidelines include pointed or squares toes, zebra prints and saturated hues including black, white and navy.

My choices…buy all new shoes or refashion the old ones. I chose to refashion the ones that I could. I used spray paint for some and acrylic paint for others.





The following don’t have before pictures.

Shiny Black shoes started as dull yellowy silver.

Shiny black booties started out grayish brown.

Brown ballet flats became red with spray paint.

The new collection:

Refashioned shoes

I’m pretty happy with the way these turned out. Granted, I can’t change the toe shape, but you do the best you can. Have you ever refashioned your shoes? I’m wondering if duct/duck tape might work.


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Before DYT, but dressing more as a Type 1

As I mentioned last Monday, I signed up for the Dressing Your Truth (DYT) program back in August. When you make your purchase, you immediately gain entrance to the member’s area where you find the DYT video course, online store and a multitude of video resources. You also receive the Dressing Your Truth book by download and in the mail.

I went through all the course work and decided that I was Type 1- the bright, animated woman. I based this on my tendency to have lots of ideas especially to the point of overwhelm. I also thought that my facial features showed more circles, such as my checks and eyes. See last Monday’s post (here) for more information.

At the end of the 30 day program, I saw an invitation on Facebook from Carol Tuttle, the developer of Dressing Your Truth. She said that she was in Washington, D.C. and would be holding a Meet and Greet at her hotel. I wasn’t going to let this opportunity pass. So the next day McHubby and I took the trek into the city.

Carol Tuttle Meet and Greet

Chatting with Carol Tuttle

Six other women were at the Meet and Greet. Each was in various stages of learning about the DYT principles from beginner to one year in to it. Carol was a warm and wonderful as she is in her videos. I jumped up right away and gave her a big hug. I was really trying to let my more extroverted side shine along with the clothing and jewelry. Right off the bat, Carol asked if I was willing to receive feedback. “Heck, yes!” I said.

Well, I had my type all wrong. I am actually a Type 4- the bold, striking woman. More accurately, my dominant type is 4 while my secondary is Type 1. While we have all four types within us; one is usually expressed more strongly. My mind was reeling. I had spent an entire month studying as hard as I could to understand being a Type 1, but now I had to unlearn that information and learn all about being a Type 4.

I went from wearing tints and lots of shiny gold jewelry, honoring my curly hair and light colored makeup to wearing hues and little jewelry which was now shiny silver or icy looking. My hair color needed to be a deep saturated color in a sleek shiny style. My neutrals now became black and white. (All other types get rid of black.) Thank goodness I was able to pull all the black clothing out of the bag before they were donated.

I’m starting to get the hang of dressing for my type now a week and a half into the type change. I am actually grateful to have had the opportunity to learn about my secondary type first. I think I probably would have ignored my secondary type needs. This way I can incorporate some of the Type 1 into my dressing and my day. At least this is the way I decided to handle it after several days of stress over being put back into the serious box (my term). I really was enjoying giving myself the chance to be happy, goofy and light-hearted.

Dressing my Type 4/1 truth new hair color and all

Definitely, this is an interesting journey. The biggest point of the program is that when your inner self matches your outer self then your beauty shines. In addition, everyone you come in contact with gets a clear picture of who you are without any confusion. In other words, you are one harmonious package.

I will note that wearing the bolder makeup does help my features looking softer. When I catch my reflection in a mirror or window, I don’t look like I’m scowling. Before my strong eyebrows and cheekbones stood out more and really did give me a harsh look. I had no idea a change in makeup could make this difference.

I’ve been working on making my shoes Type 4 appropriate and will showcase them next week.


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Dressed up for my son’s graduation

I love clothes. Clothing not only keeps me from being nude or cold, but it lets me indulge my creative side using my body as my canvas. I’ve studied fashion magazines, catalogs and TV shows. I like to think that I can pull together some pretty nice outfits. However, I’ve recently learned about a new style system that quite literally turns the fashion world upside down.

According to Carol Tuttle, the current fashion system creates a population of women who don’t think that they can ever look beautiful because they don’t look like the fashion models that they see when they were fashionable clothing. The current system is based on trends, in other words, what is in style this season. Carol’s system, Dressing Your Truth, is based on an individual’s energy profile which is broken down into four basic types:

Type 1- The bright, animated woman

Type 2- The subtle, soft woman

Type 3- The rich, dynamic woman

Type 4- The bold, striking woman

The Dressing Your Truth (DYT) system honors the most basic personality component of a woman, giving her guidelines for choosing clothing, makeup, hairstyles and accessories. It works no matter what a woman’s shape, age or coloring. Once a person decides on their primary type, they are taught all their type’s particular basics.

The types are based on the elements found in nature: nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen and carbon. Each element moves differently in the natural world. This movement signature is comparable to movement tendencies in a person. For example, my primary is type 4, the bold, striking woman. Like carbon, I am still, constant and quiet. I tend to think much more than I ever express or act.

Taking it into the DYT system, I will look best in bold, yet simple and structured clothing. Black and white are my neutral colors with pops of saturated hues. High shine silver is my best jewelry choice. I am learning how to pick and choose from what the fashion industry offers each season.

This is the promise of Dressing Your Truth: when any woman dresses her truth, she will look beautiful. Who doesn’t want that?

For more information, see the links below:

  • Books by Carol Tuttle



  • On youtube;

General Carol Tuttle videos

Dressing Your Truth video

  • A coupon link for the Dressing Your Truth Course: Coupon


Next Monday…my adventures while learning to dress my truth and meeting Carol Tuttle


Disclosure: I do not work for the Dressing Your Truth company. I am not being compensated to write a positive review. These views are mine only. If you use the above link to purchase a course, you will receive the course at a discounted price and a gift card for the Dressing Your Truth store. I earn credit towards the a gift card to the store.

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I just found an blog that just puts a smile on my face. http://advancedstyle.blogspot.ca/ What a blast!

Advanced Style highlights women who rock their own style and own their gray hair. Not your stereotypical grandmas here. No sir-ee!

101 year old Ruth

Linda Rodin

Carol Olten

If you go to the website, you can see a closer picture of her sun glasses. The lenses have a saint picture on them. How fun!!!

Hope this site puts a picture on your face, too!



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