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Thanksgiving was a lovely day. After eating dinner, McHubby and I took our youngest son and his girlfriend to Meadowlark’s Winter Walk of Lights. Meadowlark is a botanical garden and the light show winds through the trails. Even thought the night was a chilly one, we enjoyed the show. A huge fire pit greeted us at the end.

Here are some of our highlights (photographing lights at night is challenging):










What are you doing to experience some holiday magic?




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McHubby enjoys keeping busy. I enjoy him being happy. Sometimes his projects allow me to charge up my creative juices and experience some joy of my own. Hopefully, we are working on one of those projects now.

This fall, McHubby has been working to develop an events business for his old employer. Rust Manor House is a beautiful old house that has hosted weddings in the past, but has been primarily an office and education location for the Audubon Naturalist Society. McHubby’s old employer is negotiating with Audubon to reinvigorate the events business.

Lucky me, McHubby asked me to guide him in sprucing up the interiors. I’ll get to try on interior decorating for a client as a potential career direction. I’m looking forward to the work and have lots of plans. Until the legal work is finalized, we are on hold. Although I did decorate for the November Board Meeting with buffet dinner.

Here are a few pictures from the foyer/buffet space:

A nature inspired winter decoration.

A nature inspired winter decoration.

Lighted branches with greenery and white floral accessories.

Lighted branches with greenery and white floral accessories.

A few greenery picks from Michael's up the stair railing.

A few greenery picks from Michael’s up the stair railing.

The bird house centerpiece was created with pine branches and a cherry tree limb that were toppled during Superstorm Sandy. I bought an unfinished birdhouse at Michael’s painting it and adorning it with faux snow, glitter and pine cone pieces. The berry vine and the bird with the nest were from Michael’s. I made the sign hanging from the branch using scrap wood, white paint and black vinyl cut with my Silhouette Cameo.

I hope you like the few touches I added for the festivities. I’ll show more decor when we are able to get up and running.

How are your holidays going so far?




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As the old Girl Scout song goes, friends are treasure with some new and some old. Recently, I got to spend an evening with one of my gold friends. Liz and I became friends back in high school. She was one of my bridesmaids and has always made an effort to maintain our friendship over the past 30 plus years. She is definitely a golden treasure.

We met in Leesburg, had a bite at Donner Bistro and finished with a beer at MacDowell Brew Kitchen. While facebook and e-mail are a great way to stay in touch, talking face to face is no comparison. Catching up was fun and relaxing.

Amy and Liz today

McHubby, Liz and I almost 30 years ago


Thanks Liz for being a good (gold) friend. To my dear readers, may I suggest connecting with some of your old friends this week? Let me know how it went.


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Busy or lazy? I’m not quite sure whether I’ve been keeping too busy to blog or I’ve been involved with schools for so much of my life that summer means taking it easy and focusing on fun. Either way, I’ve had a very interesting summer filled with lots of rich experiences.

I got to hang out with friends at some fun parties. I attended an Independence Day Parade in our small town and hung out with friends afterwards. Luckily, some of my friends still have small children. I think parades are so much better with little ones around. Their excitement adds so much to the experience.


Watching the parade on a very sunny July 4th


I had the opportunity to attend my first professional major league baseball game: The Mets vs. The Nationals. The game was terrific and hard played/won. McHubby explained whispering in my ear all the nuances of baseball throughout the game which really helped me understand that professional baseball is as much about strategy as it is athletics. I enjoyed myself so much that I’ve been following the Nationals games ever since. I’ve got my “Natitude” on.

Nationals Park

We had the opportunity to see President Obama speak. We don’t have the chance to seeing a sitting president in person that often so we jumped at the chance. Maybe I should say, we stood in line for tickets for over an hour and stood waiting in line and in the audience for three hours before he spoke. The experience was very surreal. People were passing out from the heat and were treated by emergency personnel. News personalities were filming their segments for the nightly news. Security was very, very tight. It was worth all the effort.

President Obama speaking

President Obama Speech

Now for the bittersweet part of the summer…my oldest son, Kyle, became engaged this spring to a very lovely young woman. She was offered one of those can’t pass up deals to attend a Ph. D. program at Tulane University in New Orleans. Gulp. So very far away. What about hurricanes…remember Katrina? So, the beginning of August found McHubby and I helping Kyle move to New Orleans. McHubby rode with Kyle to New Orleans while my other son and I flew.

Tulane University

While New Orleans has never been a place I felt the need to visit, I absolutely fell in love with it. The laid back ambience is very different than the highly focused and professional Washington, D.C. suburbs. I felt much better leaving my son there than before my visit. After getting Kyle and his fiancé moved in, we were able to sightsee.

We went to Olivier’s with the future in-laws. Olivier’s is a 130 year old family owned restaurant in the French Quarter. The food was delicious and made from old family recipes. Delicious! We had met the future in-laws the week before going to New Orleans when we hosted them for dinner at our home. We’ve really enjoyed getting to know them.


McHubby and I celebrated our wedding anniversary by taking a bus tour of New Orleans (a must) and eating dinner at Nola’s (one of Emeril Lagasse’s three New Orleans restaurants). I highly recommend eating there. McHubby ordered Scallops Gratinere (a Julia Childs’ recipe on the menu to celebrate her 100th birthday) and a crème brulee trio. I had shrimp and grits followed by Bread Pudding and Mexican chocolate ice cream. All the dishes were Nirvana on a plate.

Nola Restaurant

Our flight home was delayed by bad storms in the east. We were travelling for almost a full day for a short plane ride (maybe going with the cheapest rate with layovers isn’t the best way to go.) Much of the following week was spent resting up from travelling. Then, we started preparing for my younger son, Kelly, to return to college.

I suspect that most of the preparation was mentally getting ready to be an empty nester, but I did make some dorm décor with the help of McHubby’s carpentry. Kelly is a huge fan of George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones series. He’s been hooked on the series for years long before the HBO series. I used my Silhouette machine to make some removable wall stickers and some iron-on transfer paper to make a board with the Game of Thrones family crests (most but not all of them). McHubby constructed a C-table from Ana White plans. I covered it with black faux leather.

Game of Thrones decor

Game of Thrones Decor

Plans for Ana White C Table

Kelly excelled at packing this year making the move in quick and easy. Plus, the skies waited until McHubby and I were returning home to start pouring rain. (Last year, we weren’t so lucky. The cardboard cart on wheels disintegrated from the deluge before we made it to the dorm building.)

But wait there’s more…I almost forgot the derecho. We lucked out since we are close to the mountains and had very little damage or disruption from the derecho. Unfortunately, many in our area weren’t so fortunate.

Washington, D.C. during the derecho in June

So, I am officially an empty nester. Boy, am I missing my kids. Boy, am I worried about my oldest son waiting out Hurricane Isaac in New Orleans. He assures me that they are on high ground in their neighborhood so my worry is somewhat less.

Hurricane Isaac

I’m planning on some minor changes to the blog which I will outline in my next post. Primarily, I’m going to have different themes for each day of the week.

I hope you all have had a great summer and you will stay safe if you are in the path of Hurricane Isaac.

I’d like to hear about your adventures.

TTFN- Ta Ta For Now


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Decor Blogger, Shannon, at Fox Hollow Cottage started an auction yesterday to benefit those affected by the shooting in Aurora, Colorado. She started with one of her hand crafted wreaths, but other crafters/bloggers donated items also. The auction ends at 6 p.m. Sunday.

She has had such an outpouring of donations that the auction has been divided into two lots. Check it out here.

Items for Auction

At a time when we can do little more than pray for the victims, for their families and friends, and for never having events like this happen again; this auction is one small way to take action.


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Whew! I’ve had a busy couple of weeks including a vacation and Relay for Life preparations. I wouldn’t change a moment, even having car problems on vacation. Oh, wait…at the Relay McHubby and I unfortunately didn’t notice that the camera was on the manual setting. I wish we had realized this problem before we took pictures. Two-thirds of our pictures didn’t turn out. Luckily, my friends and their friends came through for me on Facebook.

Our team chose the theme, Disney princesses, in order to follow the overall event theme of Lights, Camera, Hope (Hollywood). I volunteered to make the sign, tent decorations and the baton in addition to my costume. The way the timeline came about I only had one week to prepare, but I loved working on this project.

The tent was decorated like a castle using donated cardboard boxes. In order to make the castle fit for a princess, the opening was draped with white tulle, pink tissue paper flowers and a sparkle crown sign. Our relay baton was a pearl decorated scepter. My costume was Snow White.

Castle for Princesses

Our Princess Castle

Baton for Relay

Our Scepter Baton

Princess Team Sign

The tent sign for identifying our team


My Snow White costume

Relay team and Castle

The princesses in front of our castle

Mom and I

My mother, 27 year survivor, and I at the Survivor Dinner.


John, five year survivor, and Sandy

Our event raised over $230,000 toward eliminating cancer and was truly inspiring.


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Tuesday was a productive day. One of the shops in town is expanding their space and had an estate sale to clear out excess merchandise. I scored some great stuff there.

A way cool rusty, curvy wrench.

rusty tool as art

Curvy old wrench. An art possibility.

Oblong silver tray lids.

Mantel sconces from silver tray lids

Silver lids: make mantel sconces?

Old vinyl covered chair. Dusty and torn.

Old chair with possiblities

This old chair while dusty and torn is solid.

Then, I ran over to the original shop, It’s Bazaar on 21st Street. I found a rusty, holey oval pail and two copper with green patina pails.

old junk pail

Really rusty pail with handle

copper round pots with two handles

Two handles pots/pails with copper patina

Close up of pot/pail exterior.

copper green patina

Close up of copper exterior of pot/pail

Lastly, I ran to the Hospice thrift shop and found a very colorful table runner. I’m not sure if I want to cut it up into pillows or use it as a table runner.

Striped table runner

A colorful striped table runner


Chair- $5

Rusty pail- $8

Copper pots/pails- $3.50 each

Silver lids- $2 each

Wrench- $4

Table runner- $4

To top it all off…a beautiful day outside for taking pictures. What a great week!

How is your week going?


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