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Before DYT, but dressing more as a Type 1

As I mentioned last Monday, I signed up for the Dressing Your Truth (DYT) program back in August. When you make your purchase, you immediately gain entrance to the member’s area where you find the DYT video course, online store and a multitude of video resources. You also receive the Dressing Your Truth book by download and in the mail.

I went through all the course work and decided that I was Type 1- the bright, animated woman. I based this on my tendency to have lots of ideas especially to the point of overwhelm. I also thought that my facial features showed more circles, such as my checks and eyes. See last Monday’s post (here) for more information.

At the end of the 30 day program, I saw an invitation on Facebook from Carol Tuttle, the developer of Dressing Your Truth. She said that she was in Washington, D.C. and would be holding a Meet and Greet at her hotel. I wasn’t going to let this opportunity pass. So the next day McHubby and I took the trek into the city.

Carol Tuttle Meet and Greet

Chatting with Carol Tuttle

Six other women were at the Meet and Greet. Each was in various stages of learning about the DYT principles from beginner to one year in to it. Carol was a warm and wonderful as she is in her videos. I jumped up right away and gave her a big hug. I was really trying to let my more extroverted side shine along with the clothing and jewelry. Right off the bat, Carol asked if I was willing to receive feedback. “Heck, yes!” I said.

Well, I had my type all wrong. I am actually a Type 4- the bold, striking woman. More accurately, my dominant type is 4 while my secondary is Type 1. While we have all four types within us; one is usually expressed more strongly. My mind was reeling. I had spent an entire month studying as hard as I could to understand being a Type 1, but now I had to unlearn that information and learn all about being a Type 4.

I went from wearing tints and lots of shiny gold jewelry, honoring my curly hair and light colored makeup to wearing hues and little jewelry which was now shiny silver or icy looking. My hair color needed to be a deep saturated color in a sleek shiny style. My neutrals now became black and white. (All other types get rid of black.) Thank goodness I was able to pull all the black clothing out of the bag before they were donated.

I’m starting to get the hang of dressing for my type now a week and a half into the type change. I am actually grateful to have had the opportunity to learn about my secondary type first. I think I probably would have ignored my secondary type needs. This way I can incorporate some of the Type 1 into my dressing and my day. At least this is the way I decided to handle it after several days of stress over being put back into the serious box (my term). I really was enjoying giving myself the chance to be happy, goofy and light-hearted.

Dressing my Type 4/1 truth new hair color and all

Definitely, this is an interesting journey. The biggest point of the program is that when your inner self matches your outer self then your beauty shines. In addition, everyone you come in contact with gets a clear picture of who you are without any confusion. In other words, you are one harmonious package.

I will note that wearing the bolder makeup does help my features looking softer. When I catch my reflection in a mirror or window, I don’t look like I’m scowling. Before my strong eyebrows and cheekbones stood out more and really did give me a harsh look. I had no idea a change in makeup could make this difference.

I’ve been working on making my shoes Type 4 appropriate and will showcase them next week.



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Please check out the Power of Paint. My patio art is being featured. Thank you Maryann!


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Hey everyone. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend! Right now at the woods near Skyline Drive, we are experiencing beautiful blue skies and trees shimmering with the sun and light breezes. I love it!

Today, I’m shining the creative spotlight on my cousin, Lee Anna Will. Besides being inspirational, she is an artist and teacher (formerly a public school art teacher). Like me, she loves color as you can see through her art. Color permeates her art and her home décor whether she is painting walls, furniture or her accessories.

I certainly learned a lot more about her through this interview. I hope her story inspires you to explore, discover, develop and play with your creative gifts.

When did you realize that you were creative?  I vividly remember at the age of five or so, sitting at the kitchen table drawing a palm tree on an island. I was thrilled that it looked like something and it gave me such confidence. I drew it repeatedly because I was so excited I could do it. That was my first understanding that creating something from nothing exhilarated me. 

What were some of your earliest creative explorations?  Flowers. I went through a flower phase from adolescence into my early 20’s. They are beautiful, vibrant, and full of color. It was the vocabulary I resonated with for quite some time.

Which artists inspire you the most?  To this day the work of Matisse just makes me happy with it’s loose form and color. Robert Rauschenberg who is so inventive with found objects. O’Keeffe for her strength of character and composition. Music is a huge inspiration for me. I listen as I paint and it reminds me to play. Don’t take it too serious. 

What did you do to discover your particular talents, such as painting as opposed to ceramics?  I dabbled in a lot of things and found my strengths. Painting, sculpting, and photography are my thing. I love ceramics and appreciate those who can do it. I learned by doing it that it’s not my forte so I played to my strengths!

Would you explain how you developed your skills? It’s that old adage practice makes perfect. I practiced. Just as important, I played! I let myself play with the zeal of a child. 

Do you consider your art to be like play for you? In what ways?  Absolutely! I give myself permission to play. I remember doing a painting with a sort of cathedral type interior. I used reverent colors and then thought about the kids I taught at the time. If they wanted something to be pink, they didn’t think “I have to be reverent.” I added permanent rose madder and alizarin crimson and voilà- it came to life! It was a big lesson. Let yourself play. Life can be daunting enough. You’re imagination doesn’t have to play by the same rules!

Do you have any creative/artistic goals? What are they? I showed for years and did commissions and achieved those goals. It’s hard and takes thick skin. I learned that and then I learned what became more important- make yourself happy. I create art for fun- for my own enjoyment. At some point I may get back into the business side. For now, the importance of creativity in my life is to nurture me and give a place to play.  My day job, project management, is very structured and an art in itself. Painting provides a balance that I need. 

Please describe your style.  My style really does evolve as I do. Whatever interests I have or whatever is on my mind influences my work and style. I’d say my style is consistently colorful and beyond that hard to put into box. Regardless of how it changes, there is always a common thread that stamps it as “my style.” I liken it to my voice. Regardless of what I say, my voice stays consistent.

You Are Here art

How can someone get in touch with you if they’d like to find out more?  leeanna.will@gmail.com

What or who inspires you?


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I finished a project. Hip, hip, hooray! I’ve been working on redesigning my blog and moving it to the WordPress.org site. Since I’m a still a neophyte blogger, I seem to be wasting hours in front of the computer with very few tangible results. Oh…my now finished project took a few U turns and nearly found its way into the unfinished project pile in the basement. Once again, however, perseverance paid off with an item checked off my to-do list plus a blog post. (I still have a lot of work to do on the website.)

I will admit that guilt was bit of a trigger. I had a comment to my Patio Color post from a fellow student in the décor8blog class that I am taking. She asked where a picture of my patio was. Unfortunately, the honest truth is that I’m not finished with my patio nor had I been making any progress on making it colorful. Okay…I will give myself credit for the boatload of annual flowers that I have planted, but only a little credit.

Here is a picture of my patio last week:

Boring patio awaiting color

My patio has potential for a cozy summer hangout spot, but it really needs some color.

I wanted to minimize the view under the deck. First, I tried a metal potted plant holder, but it was too small to be effective. Then, it occurred to me that I had another metal art piece just like the one I used to make the basket hanger above the kitchen island. See here. I didn’t want to keep the original color and decided to go with a blue-green patina.

Here is the piece before changing the look of the finish.

Metal grill awaiting a makeover.

Project waiting for makeover to begin.

I used basic acrylic paint. See a sample of the colors below.

Aluminum, Aqua and Dark Green

I used aluminum, aqua and dark green acrylic paints along with stencil brush to change the finish color.

Using a stencil brush, I dipped the bristles into a little bit of each color and pounced the paint randomly until I got the look that I was trying to get. Then, I allowed the paint to dry for several hours.

***Warning, warning, warning. Potential failure alert ***

Next, I sprayed the entire piece with clear enamel sealer. OMG! The aluminum and aqua disappeared. I don’t know why, but the original finish was once again totally visible on about one-third of it. I tried acrylic clear coat since I was concerned the enamel sealer was reacting with the acrylic. But nooooo. Even more disappeared without any drips or any other trace. Vanished. That unfinished project pile started looking pretty good at this point. Well, I needed to let the sealer dry so the whole thing only made it half way to the pile.

Today, I pulled out the acrylics again and repeated my pouncing technique. This time, however, I used Modge Podge to seal the finish. Success!!!!

New finish on grill

The finished (rescued) project hanging under the deck.

To finish the grill, I took three medium sized clear jars with lids. After wrapping wire around the jar neck, I twisted the wire around the grill hanging the jar from the grill. I added colorful glass drops and tea lights. Once I hung the grill from under the deck with cup hooks and chain, I stood back and took a deep breath. Ahhhhh! One piece of color added to the deck. Yes, the guilt has diminished a tiny bit.

The patio with new metal piece.

The underside of the deck is now minimized with a refinished metal piece.

I’ve got my fingers crossed that I will finish some more projects tomorrow. Wish me luck. ; )

Linking to Domestically Speaking’s Power of Paint Party.


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cool color wheel

A color wheel with cool colors

I love color whether it is on clothing, in home décor or in nature. I don’t even bother to have a favorite color, because my favorites change so frequently.

With the onset of warm weather, I want to combine my love of home décor with my adoration of nature. Where best to do this than a patio, deck or porch. I am quite fortunate to have one of each with which to play. This year I am really excited about bringing color to those outside spaces.
How can we bring color to an outside space?
Let’s start with nature. Color can be in the plants.

Plants, color, containers

Colorful plantings

Purple cottage patio garden plantings

Gardens around a patio can add color.

Color can be in the plant’s container.

Patio plants in green containers

This patio is enhanced with over-sized green planters.

Color can be in the background.


Fuchsia wall on patio

A beautiful fuchsia wall provides a focus point for this patio


Colored patio floor

The floor tiles have color

Color can be in the furniture.

Patio furniture color highlight

Patio furniture can be the highlight through color

Color can be in the furniture cushions and pillows.

Outdoor pillows bring color to the patio

Outdoor pillows can bring color to the patio

Pottery barn red blue monogrammed cushions

Furniture cushions can bring in color

Color can be in shade structures.

blue red Pottery Barn exterior umbrellas

An outdoor umbrella for color

Color can be in the accessories.

jars with tea lights

Colorful jars with tea lights hung outside

Pottery Barn outdoor dishes

Dinner ware for color

Adirondack chair napkin holder

Pottery Barn Adirondack chair napkin holder

Tablecloth and napkins for patio or deck

Colorful linens

Color in the rug

exterior rug with color and pattern

Use a rug to bring in color

Color in outdoor art

Patio deck art

Using colorful art in exterior spaces

Put them all together for a truly stunning and welcoming outdoor space.

From Better Homes and Gardens, a colorful patio

A patio with many colorful elements pulled together for a great look.

For some fun, I went to Olioboard.com and created a mood board for a colorful patio space. Take a look:

Olioboard Mood board for patio

My mood board for a patio

You might want to give Olioboard a try. How do you use color? Amy

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