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I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. I was just so excited to be home from a vacation to the Virginia coast. Don’t you just love it…we go on vacation to relax from our normal everyday life. Then, we need a three day weekend to recuperate from the vacation.

McHubby and I rented a cottage on Chincoteague Island. Chincoteague and its sister, Assateague, were brought to America’s attention through the book, Misty of Chincoteague by Marguerite Henry. Assateague is a barrier island, the home of Chincoteague Wildlife Refuge and a National Seashore. These areas appeal to people more interested in natural settings and small towns rather than large, overcrowded, over-commercialized beaches.

The Wildlife Refuge has several paved walking/biking trails which we used every day. (Tip: wear bug spray and cover your arms and legs.) We had several nights of delicious fresh seafood. Apparently, the oysters are wonderful because they get fresh ocean water every 12 hours due to the geography and the tide. I’m not an oyster eater though. I’ll take Captain Charlie’s word for it. Our favorite treat for the week was ice cream from Island Creamery. All the flavors that we tried were rich and creamy.

Dock in to the bay

The pier from our rental cottage

Sun setting over the bay

Sun setting over the Wallops Island

Chincoteague Island Cruise

Captain Charlie explains oyster farming

Hoofprints Farm

Captain Charlie’s Oyster Farm

Nesting Osprey

Osprey Nesting next to Chincoteague

Building in water

Building in water due to beach erosion

Chincoteague Island

Tom’s Cove on Chincoteague Island

From the water, Assateague Lighthouse

Still in operation, the lighthouse on Assateague

Best darn fisherman

Captain Stanley with cooler of flounder

Butterfly on thistle


Goose family

Goose and goslings

bird on nest

Waterfowl sitting on nest



Chincoteague pony

Wild Chincoteague pony

Chincoteague pony

Chincoteague pony

To wrap up my vacation, I received a nomination for the One Lovely Blog Award from Thea at Organized Living Essentials. Thank you so much, Thea, for all your lovely compliments and for nominating me for this award. As a new blogger, I enjoy just having someone read what I’ve written. Being liked and hearing such kind words is icing on the cake.

Seven Things about Myself

  1. Summer is my favorite season. I love being warm, even if it means sweating.
  2. I could probably eat pizza every day.
  3. During my first pregnancy, the smell of pizza made me nauseous. I didn’t eat pizza until a few weeks before labor and delivery.
  4. I love watching the sky.
  5. I enjoy learning about other cultures, religions and languages.
  6. I’m not a big fan of heights.
  7. I am a big fan of texture. I have to touch things before I decide to buy them which doesn’t work very well for internet shopping.

What vacations and projects do you have planned for the summer?


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